Teacher Questionnaire
Thank You for participating in the DoD STARBASE program.

Your participation in this questionnaire will help us make improvements to better serve you and your students in the future. It also provides us with important program assessment information that is included as part of our required annual report to Congress.

Individual responses are strictly confidential.  They will be tallied by a survey service outside your school district and the Department of Defense.  The results are reported back to us in aggregate form only.

This questionnaire should take less than 20 minutes to complete. It is separated into the following categories:

·        Sections One and Two - Gathers information about you and your school.

·        Section Three - Asks for your views about the current class and the students'
       reactions to their DoD STARBASE experience.

·        Section Four - Asks for your views about the immediate impact of the DoD
       STARBASE program on you, the students in the classroom setting and on the
       general school environment.

·        Section Five - Asks for your views on the general impact of DoD STARBASE on
       the students over time.

·        Section Six - Asks for your views about other STEM resources besides DoD
       STARBASE in the school and community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT close your browser before you finish and submit the survey because, your responses WILL NOT be saved. If you are interrupted while taking the survey, simply minimize it in your browser and return to it to complete and submit.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact the survey administrator Brad Forcier at General Dynamics Information Technology 1-312-242-4375.

Thank you for your participation. Please scroll down and click the Next button to begin the survey.