DoD STARBASE Student Pre-assessment 2020-2021
We want to learn more about you and the DoD STARBASE program. We are asking you to answer questions about things taught in DoD STARBASE. Then we ask you to tell us what you think about different things.

On each screen there is a "Next" button below the information or activity. When you are finished with the activity on a screen click the "Next" button with the mouse pointer to go to the following screen and activity. In some cases, you may be able to touch the screen with your finger pointing to the button.

On screens after this one there is also a "Back" button. You may click or touch the "Back" button to return to the screen before in case you want to check your answer again.

If you don't see these buttons on certain screens, you can scroll down using the mouse pointer or roller, or by swiping up on the screen with your finger in some cases, until they can be seen.
Your Instructor will read the questions out loud. Click on the "Next" button and wait for instructions.
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